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Beautiful Motive in Home
Beautiful Motive in Home

The motive in making the room more living space. However, it is difficult to fully escape from the pattern or motif on the inside. The motive was not only identical to the pattern on the bedspread and curtains. Wall-coated wallpapers, painted wall effects, fabric sofas, cushions, table cloths, until the carpet to my room to give a motive. A section of wall that given the pattern of “busy” and bold colors, guaranteed rivet all eyes are looking. Moreover, if in an area that is nearly monochromatic.

Secondly, the function of the motif as a donor-dimensional space. With some designs, you can sense whether the room you enter is wide, narrow, high or low. Motif of vertical lines on the wall, for example, gives the impression of a larger space.

Third, a motif serves as a cover “defect” on the wall. Stucco wall that is not flat, or fine cracks from sight when the motifs on the walls add.

When choosing, not the form of the motif does not matter. You want gingham, dotted, flowers, or abstract, all legal applied to the space. Interestingly, the size of the pattern. In general, the type of motive can only be classified as major motifs and small designs. In a large motif, which contains the color, the predominant color in a room. Because of that, really look in determining the color of this great motive, whether it’s the color you want for the entire space. Important motive is suitable only for large space. Alone in a room that is large enough only the form of motive would not be “cut off” by the furniture. For the same reason, this motive is less suitable for the space that has lots of windows and doors.

Small patterns are preferred because it is relatively easily combined matching. For a small room, this is the right type of motive. Small motif that seems almost normal, this will cause the illusion of space is greater than the actual size. Small motif can also function “eliminate” sharp corners in the room.

Determined the most important motif in your favorite little room to apply? How to match the background color motif is the predominant color in your room. Motives of Your pet will “go” to perfection and became the center of attention in the room.

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