Pepino, Efficacious Fruit from the Andes Mountains


This one fruit shape and its name is strange because not many are found in Indonesia. Fruit purplish patterned camouflage also store a myriad of benefits including a good body great for adults and children alike. Curious?

Pepino, the fruit is known from the Andes, Peru has many different names in each country. In the Netherlands such as the fruit is known as Peer Meloen, in England called Peermelon, Xian Cave Pepiino Quie in China and in Japan. While in Indonesia known as pepino fruit Husada god with the Latin name Solanum muricatum derived from eggplant-terungan tribe.

Coming from a tribe that’s eggplant-terungan pepino shape slightly resembles the eggplant. Moreover, the color purple with striped pattern and sometimes some are colored green. Originally the cool Andes mountains are making this fruit can only live in the cool high plains. In Indonesia alone since last year pepino has been widely cultivated in the highlands of Karo, South Sumatra.

Although the skin is purple, but when cleaved pepino has a yellowish-white flesh. The middle section there are grains. Pepino is suitable for consumption as fresh fruit and processed as juice, sweets, coktail, and so forth. Pepino purple contain beta-carotene is good for the brain kerdasan children and also prevent dementia for adults. Other health benefits of this fruit is that it can reduce high blood pressure, cure liver disease, heart disease, stroke up to speed healing and accelerate expenditure kidney stones.

Quite a lot is not it? Moreover, the price is not too expensive to make these fruits more popular and much sought.

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