Mount Semeru activity increases, hiking trails are closed, incandescent lava slides 1 kilometer

 The climb on Mount Semeru is temporarily closed after the intensity of the avalanches and incandescent lava has increased.

 Reporting from Antara, the closure was officially enforced since November 30, 2020.

 "The closure takes into account the development of Mount Semeru volcanic activity based on a report submitted by the Semeru Volcano Post on Mount Sawur, Lumajang Regency as of November 28, 2020," said Acting Head of the Great Center Agus Budi Santoso in the announcement.

 Current conditions

 According to the explanation of the Head of Preparedness and Logistics Prevention of the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) Lumajang District, Wawan Hadi Siswoyo, on Saturday (28/11/2020), there have been 13 avalanches and incandescent lava.

 "It is true that the data we received occurred again on Saturday (28/11) with a longer distance than before," said Wawan in Lumajang, as quoted by Antara, Sunday (29/11/2020).

 Wawan explained, avalanches and incandescent lava slid approximately 500 to 1,000 meters from the tip of the lava tongue towards Besuk Kobokan.

 According to Wawan, the location is far from residential areas.  However, he asked residents to remain vigilant.

 "Visually, there were also 13 fluctuations and incandescent lava with a sliding distance of about 500-1000 m from the tip of the lava tongue towards Besuk Kobokan (tip of the lava tongue approximately 500 meters from the peak)," he said.

 Several days earlier, according to Wawan, incandescent lava avalanches had occurred four times with a sliding distance of 200-300 meters towards Besuk Kobokan during the observation period Friday (27/11/2020) at 00.00-24.00 WIB.

 Volcanic ash

 Wawan said the area at the foot of Mount Semeru was showered with volcanic ash due to the eruption which has an altitude of 3,676 meters above sea level.

 His party has distributed 2,000 masks to residents.  Until now, all the residents who have fled are in good health.  BPBD has alerted an ambulance and medical team.

 "His condition is healthy, the health team has also gone down. We have eaten twice, and we continue to alert the ambulance and its staff," he said.
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